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Since Honest Motor have few motorcycles with 2-stroke engine such as HN100-3X,HN250-29A(2T),so we think it is necessary to let our customers know the difference of 2-stroke engines and 4-stroke engines,we are trying to make this a brief explanation so it can be understood easily.
4-stroke engines.
A:During the intake stroke, the piston goes down from the top of the cylinder to the bottom, reducing the pressure inside the cylinder. It then draws a mixture of fuel and air into the cylinder through the intake port, ready for the compression stroke.
B:With both intake and exhaust valves closed, the piston goes back up to the top of the cylinder compressing the fuel-air mixture. This is what happens during the compression stroke.
C:The compressed air–fuel mixture is then ignited by a spark. The pressure from the fuel-air mixture combustion drives the piston back down with humongous force, keeping the crankshaft turning. This is the power stroke phase, which is the main source of the engine's torque and power.
D:Finally, during the exhaust stroke, the piston again goes up and pushes the burned gas from the cylinder out the exhaust valve. Another thing worth mentioning is that the spark plug only fires once every two revolutions.

2-stroke engines
A:The two stroke engine has three strokes combined into one action, meaning the intake and exhaust are both integrated into the compression movement of the piston, therefore eliminating the need for valves. This is thanks to an inlet and exhaust port integrated into the wall of the combustion chamber.
B:As the piston goes down from combustion, spent gasses are allowed to exit the chamber through the exhaust port. The air–fuel mixture is drawn through an inlet located lower in the chamber. As the piston rises again, it blocks off the inlet and exhaust ports, compressing the gasses at the top of the chamber. The spark plug fires and the process starts over. The engine fires on every revolution.

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