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Motorcycle frame technology has come along way over the years and the basic idea of motorcycle designers was to provide much needed strength while weighing as light as possible. Frames act like the bones of human,it is the most important structure of motorcycle,here Honest motor technician team listed the different types of motorcycle frames used in honest motors.

Straddle Frame

This type of frame mostly used for our street models such as CG125,GN125,YBR125 (FULL LIST:HN125-5C,HN125-6G,HN125-6K,HN125-7,HN125-8,HN125-2A,HN150-9,HN150-2B,HN150-2C,HN150-2D,HN150-2G,HN150-2E,HN200-2F,HN150-11,HN150-12A,HN200-5G,HN250B-5G,HN200-12A,HN200-12B,HN250-13,HN250-13B,HN250-17B,HN250-22,HN200-25)

Double Cradle Frame

Evolved from the single cradle frame, the double cradle uses two metal tubes on either side to hold/support the engine,they are mostly used for our off road bikes such as XR250 model(FULL LIST:HN100-27A,HN150-27B,HN100-3X,HN200-10A,HN200-10B,HN200-10C,HN200-10D,HN250-10E,HN250-10F,HN250-15,HN150-17A,HN250-18,HN250-18B,HN250-23,HN250-24,HN250-28A,HN250-29A,HN150-30A,HN150-31,N150-32,HN150-33,HN150-34,HN200-37,HN200-38)

Trellis Frame

The trellis frame is similar in principle to a perimeter frame. The supporting elements circle around the engine and connect to the steering head and rear swing arm using the shortest distance possible,it used for some of our special street models which is same structure of KTM (FULL LIST:HN250-19B,HN250-19C)

Perimeter Frame

The Perimeter frame was first introduced on racing motorcycles. Once the benefits were realized on using such a frame, it was gradually introduced to normal, road-going bikes,some of our racing models are using this type of frame(FULL LIST:HN150RR,HN250-16,HN250-20,HN250-21)

Upper backbone Frame

This is classic frame which used in small street motorcycles(FULL LIST:HN110-35A,HN110-13,HN125-13B,HN110-14)

Lower backbone Frame

This type of frame used mostly for our Cub models(FULL LIST:HN110-2A,HN110-2B,HN135-2C,HN110-2D,HN110-3,HN110-2F,HN110-3A,HN110-3B,HN110-4A,HN110-5,HN110-6A,HN110-6C,HN110-7,HN110-8A,HN110-8B,HN110-9C,HN110-10B,HN110-11,HN110-12F,HN110-15,HN110-16,HN110-17,HN110-18,HN110-19,HN110-20,HN125-21C,HN110-20B,HN110-22B,HN115-23).

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