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Motorcycle carburetor is a very important part,it directly decide the performance of motorcycles, Honest Motor usually use following carburetor brands for our models:

-NIBII Carburetor: Mostly for our off road models (such as HN250-10G,HN250-10D,HN250-15 etc)

-DENI Carburetor: For most of Honest models including cub and off road models.

-TK Carburetor: For some street models such as HN125-6G(YBR125),HN125-6K(YBR150).

-SHENGWAY Carburetor: For some models based on customer’s special request.

-KAMA Carburetor: For some street models based on customer’s special request.

-YOU-ALL Carburetor: For most of our models including Cub models and street models.

-HUAQIANG Carburetor: for cub models and parts.

In this article,we will show you in details based on NIBII PE28 carburetor:

1.The structure of carburetor

-The upper part contains Throttle valve assy(4),spring(2) and top cover assy(1).

-The middle part contains the carburetor body,choke(5),main jet(11),pilot jet(9), the idle screw(19) and air screw(18).

-The lower part contains the float chamber body(13), float(15) and the oil drain hose(12).

2.How the carburetor works

Carburetor is an important part in the motorcycle fuel system. It atomizes fuel into tiny particles and mixes them with air,and use the throat (Throttle valve) to control the intake and fuel injection volume, so the mixed gas can enter the combustion chamber.

Usually a carburetor will set up an ideal A/F ratio (air/fuel ratio) in four stages corresponding to different engine rotations.

-Idle rotation(1200RPM): A/F ratio= 10~12.5/1

-Starting moment: A/F ratio= 6.9/1

-Medium rotation(3000~4000RPM): A/F ratio= 16~17.5/1

-High rotation(Above 7000RPM): A/F ratio= 12.6~13.5/1

For the  perfect performance,the carburetor need to work during these data in different working status,so please do not change the default setting unless you are in very low temperature or very high altitude area,we suggest you to contact us to adjust when necessary.

3.Advantages and disadvantages of carburetor (compared with EFI system)


It has simple structure, convenient maintenance, good durability and low price.


-The A/F ratio cannot be automatically adjusted according to the temperature change and altitude change.

-More fuel consumption and higher emissions.

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